Pirates Picked the Wrong People to Mess with

4 05 2009

Today a group of 11 pirates targeted a ship to attack. They charged at the supposed commercial ship with great speed and with the intent to take it over. Well turns out it was actually a French Navy ship. There are just some people in the world that you don’t mess with, and the French are one of them. The 11 pirates were captured and a French Navy helicopter assisted i rounding up the rest. Ok seriously these pirate attacks are getting a little old. Like every other news heading is now includes either “Pirates” or “Somalia”. I mean I agree with those who think that we should just arm the sailors on these ships. I mean you have pirates in speed boats with RPGs and automatic rifiles taking on sailors with what? A crow bar and a hose? Jeez that’ll be a fight to see. I do commend those, especially that captain who saved his crew, and I feel that they should be well armed to take on these situations seeing as how there has been a spike recently. The next headline reguarding pirates better have “Jack Sparrow” somewhere in it or else these pirates are gonna really make me mad. I mean heres and idea, while it might plunge the world into world war III it could work. Just go over to an area where the pirates mainly attack and drop a very large bomb—this is not intended to killt hem but rather to scare them, as well as cause a giant wave that washes them away back to the coast. While this would never work it’s fun to think about.

These pirates have a long way to go before the reach "Jack Sparrow" Status...

These pirates have a long way to go before the reach "Jack Sparrow" Status...




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