Utada Hikaru Cancels US Tour!?

12 05 2009

Sadly you read that correctly. Utada Hikaru has cancelled her US tour due to Pertonsillitis–a more severe form of tonsillitis which she says she gets once or twice a year. Here is her message to her disappointed fans.I suppose a lot of you have heard already; I’ve had to cancel the instore events that were scheduled for this week.

The reason is, I’m sick. I came down with a case of “peritonsillitis”—it’s basically a more severe form of tonsillitis, in which the area around the tonsils get badly swollen as well.

This happens this to me once or twice a year, when I’m extremely tired and my immune system gets in bad shape.

I was in bed this past week, making daily trips to the hospital to get intravenous administration of hardcore medication, and now I’m near the end of the recovering stage, but the problem with this condition is that I have to be very careful until it is completely take care of, as it tends to easily come back.

It was decided that I’m in no shape to be traveling and working for a while.

I’m trying to rest as much as possible, relax a little and take it easy.

I apologize to my fans who were looking forward to the events, and to everyone involved with organizing these events.

I’m glad she’s recovering—her health is more important, make sure you send your “Get well vibes” her way. I did read somewhere in a previous statement that they said she looks forward to reschedualing her tour. Could this be a sign of hope? Who knows. Get well Utada!!!


Which Super Smash Bros Brawl Character Are You Most like: Politician Edition!

15 08 2008

Wow! I actually made it to number four in our series of look-a-likes…never the less time to see whose turn it is to be in the hot seat. How about someone whose an expert when it comes to being in the hot seat? I think it’s our presidents turn don’t you think? It’s so sad that he has that title, Bush probably can’t even spell it. And with intellect such as that (or lack there of) I think I found the perfect character to compare Bush to. Yes that’s right, King Dedede. Similarities include intellect level, style of ruling their respective lands. For those of you who don’t know, King Dedede rules Dreamland in the Kirby series, while Bush rules America, a once Dreamland…Also they both have that same weird goofy smile on their face. The face that a child who just used the potty for the first time gets. Also if watch the show “Kirby Right Back at Ya” you’ll know Dedede’s temper and how he has tendency to take action into his own hands with his mallet. Now bush on the other hand is the complete opposite. The last time that man took action on his own was 5 years ago, and look at where we are now. While that may not be a similarity, it’s something Bush could learn to do. It would be right on his level, watching cartoons and learning! Though he might have difficulty with the second part we’ll try…

All in favor of having a mindless duck with a mallet rule your land say I--oh wait our's already is...

All in favor of having a mindless duck with a mallet rule your land say I--oh wait our's already is...

Something for the Artsy

14 08 2008

Hey I thought you might find this site pretty cool if you into art and being creative and what not. My friend own this site and he’s a beast when it comes to creativity. He using programs like illustrator to create cut-out characters that you then fold together. NO GLUE/TAPE REQUIRED. They are pretty detailed and pretty awesome. Spread the link around!
Click here for Cubee Crafts!

MP3 Test

13 08 2008

Don’t mind this post, I’m just testing out how to post music. The song I’m testing with is one I’m sure people of the Anime/Gaming occult know of. “Xepher” by Tatsh is not owned by me. I have nothing to do with them I’m simply using the song as a test. Got that? I DON’T OWN THE SONG OR ANY MUSIC! Now that the legal matters are cleared up please enjoy and have a pessimistic day…(T_T)Xepher

Which Super Smash Bros Brawl Character Are You Most like: Politician Edition!

12 08 2008

The idea just came to me a few minutes ago. I have decided to do a short series of post comparing Politicians to Super Smash Bros Brawl Characters. Each day I will talk about one candidate and how they are similar to the character. If you have any suggestion for comparisons let me know!

First up is Hilliary Clinton. Oh please, you knew it was comin’. With her emotions high and tears building up, she was able to show us her soft-human side. But when it came time to campaign and show whose the boss she certainly did. With the ability to flip-flop personalities in an instant we think Hilliary Clinton is most like…

A beautiful normal women by day...A dark shadowy ninja at night. Which do you want to answer the phone at 3 am?

Zelda: A beautiful, soft normal women by day. Sheik: A dark shadowy ninja at night. Which do you want to answer the white house phone at 3 am?

World Of Warcraft: A virtual Drug???

12 08 2008

World of Warcraft (owned by Blizzard Ent.) is one of the most popular online games to hit the internet. World of Warcraft- or as it’s known to those who play it WoW- controls 62% of all MMORPG (Massive Multi Online Role Playing Games, don’t worry you’ll get used to the acronyms) Which is about 10 million online users, and last check there are about 16 million total. Now, people who do drugs can get help. But what about addicts of WoW? I’ve seen some many hard core players, as not being a player of internet games myself, I still can see the affects they have on the users. Many of the users get a sense of acceptance, of being wanted mainly for their level 53 Mage, which has learned “Polymorph”. Now I don’t completely hate WoW. It just bothers me extremely to see a whole bunch of people waste their time sitting down at a computer coordinating virtual strategies win virtual money and battle virtual dragons. And in case you didn’t get the message, the key word there is “Virtual”. Now I have this little thought…more like an idea I hope to soon put into action. See some people who are drug addicts go cold turkey, while its harder they stop using them (mostly) in the end. Now the little plan I have is simply this. Virtualize nuclear warhead, yes a nuke, into World of Warcraft, and simply blow everything up. Not only will it blow everything up, but it will delete every little tiny piece of data including player’s characters. Everything right down to the last gnome. Though I feel that in my evil plan I should try to comfort the playings while they watch the last minutes of their characters. Instead of just blowing everything up, you will first hear a friendly message none other than “Portals” infamous character “Glados”. She will broadcast a message to all players saying that it is time for their world to end and they only have one way of stopping it. Every character logged on must meet at a specific point in the world, and they must all use their best weapons, skills, and magic to blow the nuke up before it hits. Now of course this would be completely useless seeing as how I wouldn’t allow such a think, but false hope can be rather amusing to witness. Finally a clock will count down. They get 1 hour then thats it, lights out. Now if you actually read to this point you probably think this would be a sick twist thing to do, and your right it is. Thats why if I could I’d do it on April Fools. While I might not like the game in no way shape or form do I feel I have some right to take it away from everyone else. Even if I did it doesn’t matter because I do not have the technically expertise to accomplish such a mission…*SIGH*

Every Episode of Naruto and Avatar FREE

12 08 2008

Ok ya seriously the word free might make you think “ok time to break out my credit card for hidden fees and identity theft!” but no seriously this is not that. I found two websites that have every episode of Naruto and Avatar, two of the hottest shows around. Feel free to watch them, though on the site with the Avatar episodes when you click and episode, some giant window might pop up from time to time asking you to agree to something, if you want to skip that and just watch the video I believe you hit cancel. The only purpose of the window is if you agree I think it lets you download the videos (I think-Key words). The Naruto site contains no such pop ups and is listed in a straight forward fashion. The links are below, enjoy!

Naruto– This site is updated weekely

Avatar– Since avatar is finished (for now) this site has every episode

Please note I do not own Naruto or Avatar or any such animation or TV series