Obama’s first 100 Days! (^_^)

4 05 2009
Yahoo! We made it! We still have 1360 more days until his re-election!

Yahoo! We made it! We still have 1360 more days until his re-election!

Well we’ve finally made it. Obama’s first 100 days. As my friendput it to me in a text message this weekend, “50 years ago they said  black man would be president when pigs fly–and look 100 days later swine flu!!!”. Now of course my friend was just kidding as we’re both liberals (and proud of it!). I would have to say for the most part I think Obama’s doing a pretty good job. He’s really showing that he means to get down to business. He’s been making it known that he wants to get America back on track and put aside the past conflicts and move to a brighter future. Now there are some things that I don’t totally agree on, such as the giant economic packages he’s passing–though I mean I’m not completely against it. I think we’ll need money to jump start our economy but I don’t think we should throw out hundreds of billions. Though I think with him we have a good chance at seeing free health care and other perks that much of the majors nations in our world have. I recently sent a letter to the white house because Obama’s on my list of people to meet in my life. Hopefully I’ll get a response, and if I don’t I’ll just send another letter (^_^). Well I wanna know what you all think of Obama’s first 100 days. Remember keep it clean!


Which Super Smash Bros Brawl Character Are You Most like: Politician Edition!

16 08 2008

Well, well, well number five in out series of brawl look-a-likes. I seriously didn’t expect to get this far. For number five, we feel it’s Mike Huckabee’s turn. Though Huckabee bears no real physical resemblance or similarities with the Pokemon Trainer, there is one big thing they have in common; the devotion of their followers. By followers I don’t mean voters or supporters. I’ll give you a simple analogy to show what I mean

Squirtle, Ivysaure, and Charzard are to Pokemon Trainer as Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Conan O’Brien are to Mike Hucabee. I mean seriously, if you watched The Daily Show, Colbert Report, or Conan O’Brien you would have noticed that they were “devoted” to Hucabee. They even had fights over who “created” him. I think it was a Jon Stewart Stephen Colbert combination (^_^)

I Choose You! Jon Stewart!

I Choose You! Jon Stewart!

Canada: A Paradise of Oil?

15 08 2008

With gas being so expensive that people have resorted to using severed limbs as currency, it’s no surprise that our neighbors to the north just happen to have probably the largest supply of oil. Yes, that’s right, it’s Canada. Now while Canada has been the butt of many jokes (as you will soon find out), this is no laughing matter. Canada has a large amount of oil buried in its soil. The problem is, it’s not in the liquid form, it’s more of a sticky sandy substance. Also it turns out that in order to get to the oil, it’s more environmentally dangerous than if we just kept drilling the ocean. The method by which they have to get the oil in Canada can be associate with a memory that I’m sure most people have. Imagine you’re at the beach. It’s a nice summer day, there’s a breeze in the air, the waves are washing up against your feet. You’ve decided that its up to you to take on the task of digging your way to China, keep in mind this is before you realized China was a polluted, communistic society in which half of the people are machines and have no rights. You dig and dig until you realize the sand is turning black (You must be close!). This is how it is in Canada with the oil. They have to get these trucks that are so big you might as well live in them. Then, they have to heat the substance up so that it can release the oil. Imagine doing all this on a summer day with no cool breeze or waves, and to top it of you now know that China is a polluted, communistic society in which half of the people are machines and have no rights. Now all this digging clearly isn’t good for the environment and the fact that you have to transport the oily soil to an area to heat it up makes it worse. That’s why I thought of the perfect plan that will solve all these problems. Rather than having to go day by day knowing you hurting the environment, why not get all that guilt out at once, while in the process of getting all the oil you need. Yes if you know where I’m going with this then you now know the true reason behind nuclear warheads. Simply drop an Atomic Bomb on Canada and ba-boom! (no pun intended) You have all the oil you need, you no longer need to feel bad about destroying the environment because hey there isn’t one anymore! And to top it off you took out Canada! Isn’t life great? Now theres such a surplus of oil that the government pays you to buy it!

Don't worry! After you drop the bomb Canada will still look like this, minus the giant trucks

Which Super Smash Bros Brawl Character Are You Most like: Politician Edition!

14 08 2008

Finally, number three in our series of Brawl look-a-likes. Today, John McCain, it’s your turn. I’m finding it harder to find good matches for some politicians but I think I pretty much nailed it with John McCain (or so I hope). Any guess? Well since I can’t tell if you are I’ll tell ya. We feel McCain is very similar to…Solid Snake! Yes and for the obvious reasons. McCain is always talking about how he was a “Prisoner of War”, and how he was in Vietnam. Ya well let’s see. Snake has probably been a P.O.W 5 times and has been it more Vietnams than McCain will know. Besides the background of being in the military (well Snake is the military) Snake and McCain both have a very “get down to business” and aggressive nature, and as I mentioned before reminding us that they have been involved in the military: Snake because of the bombs and ammo strapped to his chest, and McCain because he either has short term memory loss or thinks the people of America do. I don’t think its the second one. While physically they might not look a lot like…ok well they have nothing in common physically, they are still brothers in some ways…I feel your pain Snake…

If McCain wins the presidency Snake will make the position "Secretary of Foreign Affairs" more hands on

If McCain wins the presidency, Snake promises to make the responsibilities of Secretary of Foreign Affairs more "hands on"

Republicans Support Obama!

13 08 2008

No it’s no joke. 3 Republicans are now endorsing Obama for president. The 3 Republicans are James Leach, a former U.S. representative from Iowa, and Lincoln Chafee, a former U.S. senator from Rhode Island — along with Rita Hauser, a prominent fund-raiser for President George W. Leach said that, “Thousands of other Republicans are going to be picking country over party in this election”. And that makes sense. If you’ve been picking who you vote for by simply flipping a coin, or if they wear or don’t wear an American flag pin on their lapel, you need to wake up and smell the Co2–even if it has no smell. This is a very crucial time in our Nations history. We have wars going on, pollution, global warming, melting of the polar ice caps, an addiction to oil thats as bad as an addiction to crack, not to mention probably the world’s most incompetent leader, and so many more problems that just thinking about make my pessimistic views more than I can bear! Now some of you “true Republicans”, yes you know who you are, might still be shocked that Republicans are actually supporting Obama. Don’t worry it doesn’t make that much of a difference. Instead of McCain loosing the presidency by 1000 votes, he’ll now loose by 1003. Not that much of a difference.

Deciding Who Should be President…

12 08 2008

Still not sure who you’re going to vote for? Not sure what each candidate really stands for? Well thanks to the dudes over at jibjab.com they created a new flash video about 4 weeks ago. Surely if you’re still not sure who to vote for this will be the factor the sways you in either direction. Sorry if the quality isn’t that great, but if you would like to see better quality head on over to Jibjab

McCain “Slams” Obama…again

10 08 2008
    "...and there he goes! Getting McCain into a head-lock...not even health care can save McCain now..."

"...and Obama gets McCain into a head-lock!...not even Universal Health Care can save McCain now..."

McCain, who is known for recently running the attack ad that compares senator Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, has once again “slammed” Obama. This time its about “defeatism” (which I assure you is a word that McCain made up) over the war in Iraq. He says Obama does not have what it takes to be the commander in chief. McCain stated, “Both candidates in this election pledge to end this war and bring our troops home. The great difference is that I intend to win it first”. Seriously what is it with politicians they are always trying to outdo one another in the most childish ways! For once I wish a politician would really slam another politician. Like seriously how ridiculously funny would that be? I mean that’s how we could solve all of our nations problem, and pick a president. You put the candidates in the fighting ring and while they are fighting they try to sell you on what their plans are for the future of America are. Picturing Obama getting McCain in a head-lock saying “Change Change Change! Time to end this senseless war!” then proceeds to punch McCain in the face until his swollen gland is now a dented gland.