Rupert Grint…Check! Another Person Crossed of my List of People to Meet!

11 07 2009

I was at the Harry Potter Primeire last night and was lucky enough to snag an autograph from one of the actors! Rupert Grint who plays Ron Weasely was kind enough to come over to his fans and sign stuff! I didn’t actually get to go to the movie but I waited until after with about 200 other people for the actors to come out—unfortunetlyRupert was the only actor who came over to sign, everyone else headed for their brand new shiny Audi TDs–which run on Clean Diseal (is there such a thing…?) I mean I was disappointed. I only saw Daniel Radcliff from afar and Tom Felton was about 50 feet away—but when you had 242,863,146,190,347 screaming insane fans and 3 large body guards who I’m sure we’re former pro-wrestlers, 50 feet becomes more like 5 miles. Though I don’t blame the cast for leaving quicly I’m sure they were tired, but it would have still been nice if they had come over to sign a few autographs even if not for me. But hey thats hollywood whaddya gonna do?

I got a picture of this Signed--It is now a part of my collection of autographs (over 20 and growing!!!)

I got a picture of this Signed--It is now a part of my collection of autographs!

Now that I’ve crossed Rupert Grint off my “List of People to Meet in My Life” that leaves me with about 60 more to go…thats before I add anyone else…