Pirates Picked the Wrong People to Mess with

4 05 2009

Today a group of 11 pirates targeted a ship to attack. They charged at the supposed commercial ship with great speed and with the intent to take it over. Well turns out it was actually a French Navy ship. There are just some people in the world that you don’t mess with, and the French are one of them. The 11 pirates were captured and a French Navy helicopter assisted i rounding up the rest. Ok seriously these pirate attacks are getting a little old. Like every other news heading is now includes either “Pirates” or “Somalia”. I mean I agree with those who think that we should just arm the sailors on these ships. I mean you have pirates in speed boats with RPGs and automatic rifiles taking on sailors with what? A crow bar and a hose? Jeez that’ll be a fight to see. I do commend those, especially that captain who saved his crew, and I feel that they should be well armed to take on these situations seeing as how there has been a spike recently. The next headline reguarding pirates better have “Jack Sparrow” somewhere in it or else these pirates are gonna really make me mad. I mean heres and idea, while it might plunge the world into world war III it could work. Just go over to an area where the pirates mainly attack and drop a very large bomb—this is not intended to killt hem but rather to scare them, as well as cause a giant wave that washes them away back to the coast. While this would never work it’s fun to think about.

These pirates have a long way to go before the reach "Jack Sparrow" Status...

These pirates have a long way to go before the reach "Jack Sparrow" Status...


Obama’s first 100 Days! (^_^)

4 05 2009
Yahoo! We made it! We still have 1360 more days until his re-election!

Yahoo! We made it! We still have 1360 more days until his re-election!

Well we’ve finally made it. Obama’s first 100 days. As my friendput it to me in a text message this weekend, “50 years ago they said  black man would be president when pigs fly–and look 100 days later swine flu!!!”. Now of course my friend was just kidding as we’re both liberals (and proud of it!). I would have to say for the most part I think Obama’s doing a pretty good job. He’s really showing that he means to get down to business. He’s been making it known that he wants to get America back on track and put aside the past conflicts and move to a brighter future. Now there are some things that I don’t totally agree on, such as the giant economic packages he’s passing–though I mean I’m not completely against it. I think we’ll need money to jump start our economy but I don’t think we should throw out hundreds of billions. Though I think with him we have a good chance at seeing free health care and other perks that much of the majors nations in our world have. I recently sent a letter to the white house because Obama’s on my list of people to meet in my life. Hopefully I’ll get a response, and if I don’t I’ll just send another letter (^_^). Well I wanna know what you all think of Obama’s first 100 days. Remember keep it clean!

The NEW Daily Pessimist

4 05 2009

Hey guys, its been a while since I last updated…actually almost a year to be exact. I kinda got bored with the whole blogging thing. But then last night i decided to read my old posts and found myself laughing, so I decided I should try this one more time. My next few posts will be about Obama’s first 100 days. Feel free to comment but make sure you keep it clean. I don’t care if you agree or disagree but everyone deserves respect.

Chinese Rough up Foreign Journalist

14 08 2008

Today a protest over Tibet broke out in Beijing, not to far from the Olympic stadium. When the protest broke out and the authorities were alerted they began rounding up the protesters. A journalist was walking over to the park when he saw this happen. He ran over to get a better look so that he could later report on it, when suddenly the police were rounding him up along with the protesters. The journalist, John Ray, was “pounced” on as well as roughed up. Then he was thrown on a table in a near by restaurant. He said that they were very rough with him and he had told them very clearly “I’m a journalist!” if both English and Chinese. When he got an opening he tried to make a run for it but they tripped him. Even after all this they would not allow him to get into his pockets to show them his media badge, proving in fact he was a journalist. Now what pisses me off besides how they handled this and heard him say he was a journalist is the fact that journalist was British! Seriously you don’t disrespect the Brits. With their awesome accents and clever sarcasm you don’t mess with them. Though on the Chinese government’s part, this only solidifies the fact that there little to no freedom, as well as how the police are trained to deal with simple situations. It’s like if you even sneeze in the direction of a protest you’re automatically charged with being part of the protest. Just because your snot was blew into the protest directions doesn’t mean you’re part of it. *SIGH* I seriously just don’t get it. China is afraid that too much freedom will cause oh I don’t know, a revolution? God forbid they should be able to breath the air around them with out getting five different respiratory illnesses simultaneously.

Because this officer can only block so many cameras with his two hands, the Chinese government has decided to equip all police officers with two additional cyborg like arms. They also act as lovely cup holders

Because this officer can only block so many cameras with his two hands, the Chinese government has decided to equip all police officers with two additional high-tech mechanical arms. They also act as lovely cup holders, and have built in Wi-Fi


14 08 2008

YEP YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY! BIGFOOT HAS BEEN FOUND–Sorta. Ok so two hunters in Northern Georgia claim that they have found the body of the elusive Bigfoot. Now before you start thinking this is all fake or just another hoax, keep reading. I’m a very skeptical person. If you say you saw a UFO, I will believe you if you support it with credible evidence, I always look to logics above all else. Now when my friend told me about this which was literally 5 minutes ago, I was stunned. He says “Go on Google and type in ‘Bigfoot found’ and check the results”. Now I thought I was being set up for some kind of joke but when I did, the results blew me away. The site has a picture of the alleged creature as well as the time and date for the press conference to tell whether or not DNA testing was able to prove if this creature is the real deal. Judging by the picture they took, I’m 95% sure it is. Seriously like there were two things I never thought I’d be around to two see in my life. The first is Bigfoot, which hopefully I’ll see, and the next is the first black president. Oh yes I went there. Take a look at the link, seriously it’s pretty insane, it lists all the measurements. For thouse of you still not sure, the creature is having DNA tests conducted on it, and the results will be released in a press conference Friday, August 15th. Look to the site for more details. Click here for the link. Please note THE PICTURE BELOW IS A TAD BIT DISTURBING

Do we ever know what a real "Bigfoot" looks like?

If you think it's a hoax ask yourself this: Do we even know what a real "Bigfoot" looks like?

Republicans Support Obama!

13 08 2008

No it’s no joke. 3 Republicans are now endorsing Obama for president. The 3 Republicans are James Leach, a former U.S. representative from Iowa, and Lincoln Chafee, a former U.S. senator from Rhode Island — along with Rita Hauser, a prominent fund-raiser for President George W. Leach said that, “Thousands of other Republicans are going to be picking country over party in this election”. And that makes sense. If you’ve been picking who you vote for by simply flipping a coin, or if they wear or don’t wear an American flag pin on their lapel, you need to wake up and smell the Co2–even if it has no smell. This is a very crucial time in our Nations history. We have wars going on, pollution, global warming, melting of the polar ice caps, an addiction to oil thats as bad as an addiction to crack, not to mention probably the world’s most incompetent leader, and so many more problems that just thinking about make my pessimistic views more than I can bear! Now some of you “true Republicans”, yes you know who you are, might still be shocked that Republicans are actually supporting Obama. Don’t worry it doesn’t make that much of a difference. Instead of McCain loosing the presidency by 1000 votes, he’ll now loose by 1003. Not that much of a difference.

Which Super Smash Bros Brawl Character Are You Most like: Politician Edition!

12 08 2008

The idea just came to me a few minutes ago. I have decided to do a short series of post comparing Politicians to Super Smash Bros Brawl Characters. Each day I will talk about one candidate and how they are similar to the character. If you have any suggestion for comparisons let me know!

First up is Hilliary Clinton. Oh please, you knew it was comin’. With her emotions high and tears building up, she was able to show us her soft-human side. But when it came time to campaign and show whose the boss she certainly did. With the ability to flip-flop personalities in an instant we think Hilliary Clinton is most like…

A beautiful normal women by day...A dark shadowy ninja at night. Which do you want to answer the phone at 3 am?

Zelda: A beautiful, soft normal women by day. Sheik: A dark shadowy ninja at night. Which do you want to answer the white house phone at 3 am?