Why Politics Piss Us Off.

19 07 2009

Politics. When people hear that word they might as well have heard the air raid sirens because everyone seems to always run away in fear that the non-exsisten radiation from the topic will seep into the their skins and morph them into a monster, or worse–a politician. It’s a sad fact to be honest seeing as how its oh I don’t know, the thing that allows us to live in a “stable” society (and I used the word “stable” loosly). With the past election of Obama and the current situation with the New York State Senate, politicis have been the topic of discussion more now than ever. I was in a Barns and Noble rcently and I over heard of some people talking about obama, I recall one women saying that, and I quote “Obama would have all the ‘little guys’ cutting their wrists” over how he was going to handle small businesses. I’m gonna go out on a limb hear guess her vote didn’t go to the Big “O”, but hey everyone is intitled to their opinion. My neighbor had told me that she had heard that if obama got elected presiden that “We wouldn’t have freedom of speech” which she claims to have heard on the radio, which I can only assume is somewhere in one of the many rooms her very expensive custom designed house has, that her husband (an architect) designed for them, and their large annual salery to relax in. If may have hit you that I’m on the liberal/democratic side of things but ya know what I like to look at both sides, I don’t side with one party because of a name or color. The whole deal with the NY Senate is pissing me off. It’s a waste of time, and I honestly have no idea what’s going on. Not even the Media seems to know what’s goin on. All I hear is “power struggle” and “coup'”. What the hell is this the french revolution!? Like seriously it’s only a ‘coup’ if you have radical extreamist beating the crap out of each other with what ever they can get their hands on. And as for power struggle, oh please these people are just pissed off because they’re party isn’t in power anymore, but ya know what, there’s something I just learned about that’s supposed to stop things like this from ever happening. IT’S CALLED TEAM WORK!!!!! another word might be COMPROMISE!!! Good god seriously I will never understand the art/science behind how a politician works. I mean anyone can sit back and make other peoples lives difficult while accepting gifts from lobbyiests. Psh I can do that. But ya know what in all honesty If I was a politician I would not take a bribe from a lobbiyest from the tabacco companies who tries to get me to vote against a bill that will keep kids away from smoking. Not even just smoking companies but any bribes. I say bribes and not gifts because they arent gifts. A gift is when someone goes out of their way to get you something. A bribe is when someone gives you something so that you do/or dont do something. I think Obama is one of the first politicians who I can remember that is trying to get done what he’s said he’d get done. I don’t expect the economy to be fixed over night, or affordable health care to spring up like weeds (though if it did that would be good) but at least he’s trying. He’s trying to plan for the future instead of living in the moment which I think is good. Though some people still don’t seem to understand his job is hard. They say he’s not trying hard enough. I’d like to see anyone else try his job—except Sarah Plain. He is trying, the peopel who aren’t trying are the politicians in congress and the house who constantly bicker over every small detail. I recently spoke to a friend of mine who told me he and his wife don’t have health care. I pray nothing happens to them because if something does and he doesn’t have any, well then I hope that every politician out there, democrat and republican alike who has done one thing or another that has caused the delay of affordable health care feels responsible. While you people are flying your private jets to meetings when you could be flying economy or while your at one of your multiple houses relaxing knowing you and your family are prepared for the worst, millions out there have nothing but hope that nothing happens to them. God forbid they should get ill and loose their job. Right now a job is one of the American citizen’s most vauable things. If I was obama or the president in general, I would walk up into the NY State Senate and be frank with them. I’d walk into the house and congress as well and say it like it is. “Look you guys are being complete and total idiots. I bet if you guys tried you couldn’t get along well or let alone get something done. Dems, your living up to the reason your symbol is a donkey, and repubs, no wonder your symbol is the elephant, your egos and ideas of yourselves are the size of one.” Screw being politically correct, why does it matter if it gets stuff done!? Look at countries around the world they’re political systems are not as “correct” as ours but hell they get stuff done. Look at france. Their president just openly assulted the idea of middle eastern women wearing burkas, but they have free health care!!! Something just doesn’t add up there. *SIGH* I ‘ve written 959 words as of now and i still feel like I’m getting no where. If I could have one super power right now it would be to be able to walk thru walls so I could by pass security at the NY state assembly and say it like it is to those politcians. Only problem is no would be there and secuirty would probably let me in so that way they’d at least have someone in their assembly room.


World Of Warcraft: A virtual Drug???

12 08 2008

World of Warcraft (owned by Blizzard Ent.) is one of the most popular online games to hit the internet. World of Warcraft- or as it’s known to those who play it WoW- controls 62% of all MMORPG (Massive Multi Online Role Playing Games, don’t worry you’ll get used to the acronyms) Which is about 10 million online users, and last check there are about 16 million total. Now, people who do drugs can get help. But what about addicts of WoW? I’ve seen some many hard core players, as not being a player of internet games myself, I still can see the affects they have on the users. Many of the users get a sense of acceptance, of being wanted mainly for their level 53 Mage, which has learned “Polymorph”. Now I don’t completely hate WoW. It just bothers me extremely to see a whole bunch of people waste their time sitting down at a computer coordinating virtual strategies win virtual money and battle virtual dragons. And in case you didn’t get the message, the key word there is “Virtual”. Now I have this little thought…more like an idea I hope to soon put into action. See some people who are drug addicts go cold turkey, while its harder they stop using them (mostly) in the end. Now the little plan I have is simply this. Virtualize nuclear warhead, yes a nuke, into World of Warcraft, and simply blow everything up. Not only will it blow everything up, but it will delete every little tiny piece of data including player’s characters. Everything right down to the last gnome. Though I feel that in my evil plan I should try to comfort the playings while they watch the last minutes of their characters. Instead of just blowing everything up, you will first hear a friendly message none other than “Portals” infamous character “Glados”. She will broadcast a message to all players saying that it is time for their world to end and they only have one way of stopping it. Every character logged on must meet at a specific point in the world, and they must all use their best weapons, skills, and magic to blow the nuke up before it hits. Now of course this would be completely useless seeing as how I wouldn’t allow such a think, but false hope can be rather amusing to witness. Finally a clock will count down. They get 1 hour then thats it, lights out. Now if you actually read to this point you probably think this would be a sick twist thing to do, and your right it is. Thats why if I could I’d do it on April Fools. While I might not like the game in no way shape or form do I feel I have some right to take it away from everyone else. Even if I did it doesn’t matter because I do not have the technically expertise to accomplish such a mission…*SIGH*