Utada Hikaru Cancels US Tour!?

12 05 2009

Sadly you read that correctly. Utada Hikaru has cancelled her US tour due to Pertonsillitis–a more severe form of tonsillitis which she says she gets once or twice a year. Here is her message to her disappointed fans.I suppose a lot of you have heard already; I’ve had to cancel the instore events that were scheduled for this week.

The reason is, I’m sick. I came down with a case of “peritonsillitis”—it’s basically a more severe form of tonsillitis, in which the area around the tonsils get badly swollen as well.

This happens this to me once or twice a year, when I’m extremely tired and my immune system gets in bad shape.

I was in bed this past week, making daily trips to the hospital to get intravenous administration of hardcore medication, and now I’m near the end of the recovering stage, but the problem with this condition is that I have to be very careful until it is completely take care of, as it tends to easily come back.

It was decided that I’m in no shape to be traveling and working for a while.

I’m trying to rest as much as possible, relax a little and take it easy.

I apologize to my fans who were looking forward to the events, and to everyone involved with organizing these events.

I’m glad she’s recovering—her health is more important, make sure you send your “Get well vibes” her way. I did read somewhere in a previous statement that they said she looks forward to reschedualing her tour. Could this be a sign of hope? Who knows. Get well Utada!!!


Japanese man kills three birds with one stone!

14 08 2008

Yesterday at about 7:30am, a man in Tokyo’s subway station lost his leg after jumping in front of an on coming train. While the train was pulling forward the man jumped onto the tracks. In case your wondering it was his right leg, not that it makes a huge difference. Train schedules were disrupted while the fire department was in the process of rescuing him and his severed leg. What I find funny about this is the fact that the press released a statement that says: “About 50,000 passengers were inconvenienced by the accident as services remained disrupted during morning rush hours”. So not only did this man fail at a suicide attempt and loose his leg in the process, he now has to live knowing that he has “dishonored” 50,000 other people, and he probably also destroyed Tokyo’s perfect attendance record for having its trains always be on time. Now thats what I call killing three birds with one stone, a task that only the Japanese are capable of accomplishing.

Darn! Now Tokyo's "Perfect Attendence Record" for trains always being on time has been broken!

Darn! Now Japan won't be getting the "Perfect Attendance Award" for always having its trains be on time...