Pirates Picked the Wrong People to Mess with

4 05 2009

Today a group of 11 pirates targeted a ship to attack. They charged at the supposed commercial ship with great speed and with the intent to take it over. Well turns out it was actually a French Navy ship. There are just some people in the world that you don’t mess with, and the French are one of them. The 11 pirates were captured and a French Navy helicopter assisted i rounding up the rest. Ok seriously these pirate attacks are getting a little old. Like every other news heading is now includes either “Pirates” or “Somalia”. I mean I agree with those who think that we should just arm the sailors on these ships. I mean you have pirates in speed boats with RPGs and automatic rifiles taking on sailors with what? A crow bar and a hose? Jeez that’ll be a fight to see. I do commend those, especially that captain who saved his crew, and I feel that they should be well armed to take on these situations seeing as how there has been a spike recently. The next headline reguarding pirates better have “Jack Sparrow” somewhere in it or else these pirates are gonna really make me mad. I mean heres and idea, while it might plunge the world into world war III it could work. Just go over to an area where the pirates mainly attack and drop a very large bomb—this is not intended to killt hem but rather to scare them, as well as cause a giant wave that washes them away back to the coast. While this would never work it’s fun to think about.

These pirates have a long way to go before the reach "Jack Sparrow" Status...

These pirates have a long way to go before the reach "Jack Sparrow" Status...


Travelocity Gnome met his Match?

13 08 2008

We all know and love the Travelocity gnome, but recent news tells there could be a new gnome in town. Roughly 7 months ago, a women in England reported that her lawn gnome, who she calls Murphy, had be gnome-napped! GASP! Such an unspeakable crime! After a few months she ended up forgetting about Murphy. But then several days ago, she opened her front door to find Murphy on her door step. She noticed that with Murphy was a tightly wrapped package. The women said that she was afraid the package would explode if she tried to open it. See what kind of world we live in…a gnome can’t just come home after missing for 7 months with a package. Is that so odd? Against her judgment she opened the package and was wonderfully surprised. In the package was a photo album. It turns out that Murphy had traveled to over 12 different countries! There were picture of Murphy scaling mountains, in a sharks mouth, and even riding a motorcycle! Though Murphy lost his legs during his adventure, the women didn’t care. There was also a letter from the gnome-napped. Only listing the name “The Bear” he said that Murphy attracted unwanted attention from custom officers during the trip and was a heavy package to lug around. The women said she finds it so funny and that she’s happy of all the people Murphy, the gnome, met. I don’t think he’s able to appreciate the trip around the world or meeting all the people, as much as a real person would, bet hey she’s not complaining (though she should be I’d be pissed that my gnome got to travel the world a I didn’t)

Murphy's travels include: Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and Laos.